"Why I'm Not Leaving the United Methodist Church" (Rev. Steve West)

A Letter to Louise” (Bruce W. Lowe)

If the Church Were a Haven” (Wesley Hill)

How the Transgender Narrative Perpetuates Stereotypes

This Is My Church Too” - LGBTQ Christians talk about why they stay in denominations that are less than affirming.

Historic New Monastic Community Embraces a Third Way for LGBT Christians

Why I Can’t Say ‘Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin’ Anymore"

And how do I know when I am wrong? Evangelical faith and the Bible” by Anglican priest David Runcorn

Embracing the Gentiles” by J. R. Daniel Kirk (Dr. Kirk lost his NT teaching position at Fuller Seminary because of his change of view expressed in this post)

"How I came to support full inclusion of LGBT people in the body of Christ" by Jessica Kantrowitz 
"The Great Evangelical Divorce", a blog by Brian Gee published in 2014 but relevant still today

"Q&A with Sam Allberry: Same-Sex Attraction, Synod Remarks, and Why the Gospel Is Truly Good News for All

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