Susquehanna UMCNext Team Notes

SusUMCNext Video Conference – 09/19/19
Greg, Kris, Jake, Chuck

Work Team Updates

Collective Actions Team
Mark has agreed to work with this time, at least for a 6 month period.  He is reaching out to Craig Rose to be a co-moderator.

Communications Team
Kerm L has agreed to work with Chuck on this team.  They are now in the process of contacting the rest of the team.  At this point, their plan is to discuss the best ways to maintain communication between the various teams and the clergy/lay of our conference.  They will also brainstorm on other ideas concerning communications.

District Gatherings Team
JP Bohanan and Jon Buxton have shown interest in helping, but would like additional information.  Jake will follow up with them.

Legislative Actions Team
Kris has agreed to also work with this team.  He will reach out to Jason to see if he has had a reply from Andrew Burd-Harris, and will also reach out to Kathy on getting this team together.

Theological and Biblical Resource Team
Greg is serving as moderator and has already had a zoom conference with the team.  Hannah Sledge has agreed to serve on this team as a team member (and will not be serving as leadership). 
At this point, they have discussed 3 areas of focus:
- A Resource Bank for clergy and lay of books, movies, videos, speakers bureau, etc.
- They are checking with Discovery Place to see if they can make a connection with them.
- They are also discussing the possibility of producing materials, such as testimonial videos, etc.
Greg will send out a link to their working document if anyone has suggestions.

Leadership Institute

While we have already contacted COR about being able to hold viewings of the LI in our conference, Jake and Greg will see if they can make a connection with the COR team about this while they are at LI.

Those who are at LI are encouraged to stream Facebook Live during the event with any thoughts or updates about what is happening.

No date has been set for our next video conference.

SusUMCNext Video Conference – 08/29/19
Greg M, Kris S, Jason M, Jake W, Chuck K

Jake has been acclaimed Emperor of the group.

Work Team Updates

Collective Actions Team
Jake will check with Mark to be sure he is on board with being a moderator for this team, and will encourage him to reach out to Craig R to be a co-moderator.

Communications Team
Chuck K has reached out to Kerm L to co-moderate, and is awaiting a reply.

District Gatherings Team
Anna has reached out to JP B and Jon B, and is awaiting a reply.

Legislative Actions Team
Jason sent an email to Andrew BH on working with Kathy Kind on this team, and is awaiting a reply.

Theological and Biblical Resource Team
Greg is willing to be one of the moderator.  Kris will talk with Hannah about working with Greg on this team.

Work Team Descriptions
We reviewed the work team descriptions.  The only edit was to add a statement in the legislative team that they should keep informed of legislation happening within the denomination and sharing that with the communications team to get the word out.

Reconciling Ministries Network Discussion
The question was raised how does our work relate to the work of RMN.  All seemed to be in agreement that we want the work of SusUMCNext to have a broader scope to create a space for conversation that includes a diversity of opinions.

This led into a discussion and agreement upon using the following as our purpose:
A grassroots network of laypersons and clergy in the Susquehanna Annual Conference whose purpose is to cultivate Community, Conversation, and Collaboration among people who desire to move into a hope-filled inclusive Methodist future together.

We hope to create community for a broad range of people who desire an inclusive church.

We are not an advocacy group, although we hope individuals and churches will make connections for advocacy and collective action through the SUSUMC Next Community.

We are not a membership group, because our goal is to engage as many people in conversation as possible.  

Leadership Institute
Chuck will reach out to COR to see if they will share with us the names of those from the Susquehanna Conference who are attending the September event.   We will then reach out to these individuals as needed, and also use this list to see who needs to be encouraged to participate, especially our delegates to general and jurisdictional conference.

UMCNext Proposal
Discussion was held how the proposal impacts our group.  Consensus was that we should just communicate this proposal with perhaps adding contextualization as needed (perhaps from our legislative team).  We agreed that we don’t want to take a position of commenting on what we agree/disagree with, and hope that the Facebook page doesn’t become a place to argue about the proposal.  The Facebook page and website should simply be a place to communicate the work of UMCNext and not to analyze it.

Our next meeting is set for Thursday, September 19 @ 4pm.  It is our hope that by time, the various work teams will be starting their work together.